Creating space for your kids that they'll love

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In an age of physical distancing, closed schools, and parents becoming homeschool heroes, you might be trying to figure out how to create more spaces for your children where they can retreat, play, learn and (let's be honest) hopefully give you a break.

large outdoor play-set

Play-Time — Get Outside!

You can have the play area of your kid's dreams built! When it comes to play-areas, we've seen it all. Have a play-house built where tea parties and house can be played for hours. Swing-sets can be simple or go all out and include things like rock-climbing walls, mini-rope courses, and outdoor big chess sets or a swing set shaped like a pirate ship!

When it comes to an outdoor play area — there as many possibilities as your imagination (or your child's imagination) can dream up!

We’ve pinned some of our favorite ideas for outdoor play areas!

And, we have a guide to having a play-set built!

Do you have older kids? Try one of these out-door set-ups!

The (Updated) Play-Room

We see a lot of creative play-rooms! Play-rooms have come a long way though — we’ve seen everything from homework stations and lego tables to indoor mini-rock climbing walls and ball pits.

You can have cork walls, chalkboard walls, or lego building walls. You can have a mini-movie theater with a couple of rows of kid-sized armchairs and a mini-movie screen.

You are creating a space that your children and their friends will love for years to come.

Need some play-room inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board!

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The Bedroom of their Dreams!

We've talked about play-areas; now, let's cover rest. Good sleep hygiene is crucial right now for immune systems and mental health.

If it's is If possible, keeping play areas (especially screens) separate from the place your child sleeps is best to cultivate a space of rest. A bedroom makeover might be the perfect gift for your kids AND you. We've got some tips for making your child's bedroom one that encourages sleep and rest (as much as a bedroom can).

The Hide-Out Bed

Kids of all ages love having a sense of hiding out. Canopies, mini-forts, tented fabric areas over their bed can all create those burrowing spaces for maximum rest.

Paint Color

Paint color is essential when it comes to creating a calming environment. Tones of gray, blue, and violet create a mini-oasis to help facilitate sleep. Of course, that's the idea — we can't guarantee that there will be no fighting at bedtime still. You could go the other way and create an energizing space to wake up to. Tones of reds, yellow, and orange can make your kids' room feel bright and fun. This option is especially useful if your child's room doesn't get a lot of natural sunlight or if they are not especially good about waking up in the morning.

child reading in bed with string lights above him.

Make it FUN and Functional

Does your child LOVE their room? Do they like spending time there? It might be time to switch out things like dressers and beds for something new and exciting. We’ve seen castle beds, Millenial Falcon beds to beds that look like sailboats. Having a bed, they love to sleep in is a key factor in any kids bedroom.

You’ll also want to think through storage. How can you make it easy for your kids to clean up their room? How can you make the mornings easier? Even though they might fight you, kids thrive when things are organized. Clutter and messes can cause stress for the youngest and oldest members of your household.

child talking to an organizer on his laptop

If things are beyond a few simple organizing solutions, we suggest hiring a professional organizer. Our pro-organizers will virtually coach you (or your older kids) through organizing!

We have organizers who specifically work with kids to help figure out the best ways to make their space organized and teach them how to keep it that way. (and let's face it, they might listen to a new person rather than you).

Book an organizer.

If your child is at a key-transition age (like going from elementary school to middle school), a new bedroom is going to be an essential part of that transition.

Take a look at some of our favorite kid’s bedrooms to spark some creativity when thinking about your child’s bedroom!

Let us know how we can help! Reach out to our service providers for future planning and for any outdoor (contact-less) projects!

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