What is Zaarly?

Zaarly is the place to hire home service providers who are held accountable.

We believe homeowners should hire service providers without fear of being scammed, stuck with shoddy work, or stood up for appointments.

We built Zaarly so you can hire with perfect accountability. We know each businesses history and pricing. We see all messages to ensure businesses reply quickly. And, we guarantee all projects so Homeowners never get burned.

To learn more about how Zaarly works, see some of our other common FAQs:

Please get in touch with questions. We’re always here to help! Email [email protected].

How Does Zaarly Make Money?

To understand how Zaarly is different and better, we encourage Homeowners to “Follow the Money.” When you see how other companies make money, it is easy to see how that might disadvantage you.

Most other sites make money when:

With Leads, a site will sell your name and phone number to 3-6 service companies, who race to call/email/text in order to “close you” because they have already spent money on your information.

With Ads, you are browsing a list of “the best businesses” – but it is difficult (or impossible) to know who paid to be on the list. You want companies who earned a spot with hard work and happy customers.

The problem with BOTH of these approaches is that companies make their money before you even talk with a service provider. They DO NOT CARE whether you find a good contractor or a bad one. Worse, they take NO accountability for quality of work or customer happiness.

Once they make their money, they’re onto the next customer.

Zaarly does things differently.

Zaarly only makes money on completed jobs — AFTER the homeowner is happy, and payment is completed.

Our Service Providers are happy to pay us a percentage of the money they make on Zaarly, because they don’t have to gamble on leads or advertising. They are safe because they don’t spend a penny unless they actually complete a paying job.

Zaarly aligns with the best interests of Homeowners AND Service Providers. We are only interested in win-win arrangements.

That’s how we do business, and we are proud to serve homeowners and service providers who feel the same.

How Does The $100 No-Show Policy Work?

Our $100 no-show policy is one of the clearest examples of how we hold Service Providers accountable. One of the most annoying things about hiring is when you get stood up for an appointment.

Our Service Providers have all agreed to pay you $100 if they no-show to an appointment. A No-Show is: Missing a scheduled appointment (not showing up within 1 hour of scheduled time or window) – without communicating a cancellation.

What is NOT a No-show:

If a Service Provider has no-showed you, please let us know at [email protected]!

(Note: If a Service Provider has seriously annoyed you, even if it doesn’t quite fit the definition of a No-Show, please get in touch so that we can address the issue.)

How Does Zaarly Match Service Providers?

Our matching Algorithm is a little complicated. Here’s what it means for you:

You will get matched with providers who have: - Extremely high customer satisfaction - Fast response time - A great record of completing jobs - Service experience in your neighborhood - Skills matching the project you have - Availability to complete your project

Because some pieces of information change often (availability, response time, etc.,) you should expect to see different results often. This is normal and means everything is going well!

(Note: All Service Providers pay the same percentage on completed jobs, so we never have a reason to promote any one business over another.)

There’s a lot happening “behind the screen” to match you with the right person for your project. The Algorithm is over 1,000 lines of code, and uses years of information and millions of data points.

What Kind of Research is Done on Service Providers?

Zaarly is the place where homeowners hire confidently. The first step is to partner with only the most reliable home service businesses. We can’t overstate how much effort we put into this process, and how proud we are of the results.

Screening Process

First, we know exactly what kinds of companies we’re looking for:

Filtering Process

We put every potential Zaarly partner through a VERY thorough 9-step process to make 100% sure that they have every trait on that list.

  1. We research their online presence and reviews

  2. We interview the owner by phone

  3. We call 10+ customer references

  4. We do background checks through Checkr, a trusted 3rd party

  5. We verify insurance with their insurance agent

  6. We gather license # and ensure good standing (when applicable)

  7. We meet and interview the owner in person

  8. We train them on Zaarly’s tools and expectations for conduct

  9. Last, we coach them closely during their first 30 days on Zaarly

This process takes more than 5 hours for each company. That’s why WE do this work. Because it is completely unreasonable to expect you to do this yourself for everyone you hire.

Job Matching Process

Once we know a business is excellent, we work hard to determine which projects are right for each company. This is crucial in order to match you with the right company for every project.

These are all the things we ask and carefully record:

Even after they’ve made it through all our checks, we stay involved in every project and watch how their business changes over time. If we’re not confident that they’ll deliver on Homeowner expectations, we’ll end the partnership right then and there.