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Senior Product Designer

We are hiring a senior-level designer to work on our product team. This designer will create new features for our web and mobile applications and help create a design system in collaboration with our design director and other product peeps.

To apply, send portfolio links and a resume to [email protected]


The great philosopher Indiana Jones once said “It’s not the years honey, it’s the mileage.” That’s how we feel about experience. (minus the machismo)

Ideal candidates will have worked on consumer-facing applications serving thousands of users, and for long enough to have encountered meaningful successes and failures. Whether that’s happened over 12 years or 12 months, it’s the mileage that matters.

At Zaarly, the designer’s role is to show what we intend to make and to work closely with one or two developers to see that vision through to production. Ideal candidates will need little acclimatization to this environment.

Our designers also facilitate their team’s conversation about a project around user needs, business goals, and technical possibilities. Candidates should have experience balancing, prioritizing, and incorporating feedback from multiple sources into their work.

Read more about how we work in our Employee Handbook.

Required Expertise

TL;DR We’re looking for an expert visual UI + UX designer. Candidate’s varying strengths in interaction design, copywriting, experimentation, and user research will also be weighed. This job requires working knowledge of HTML/CSS/Sass and basic comfort with Git.

Visual Design

UI Design

UX Design

Required Competency

Interaction Design

Qualitative Research

Experiment Design



Required Adequacy

Project Management: Junior

Front-End: Junior

To apply, send portfolio links and a resume to [email protected]

We are small but we are mighty

We have 9 team members in Kansas City and 5 more spread across these great United States. We’re a small team that feels like family. That sounds like a giant cliché, but it’s the truth.

Everyone is mission critical

Ben Reynolds

Product Engineer

I'm building a mechanical keyboard and can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

Kansas City

Bo Fishback


I founded Zaarly. I love old homes with history and lots of projects to work on.

Kansas City

Chase Martyn

Director of Engineering

I lead our engineering team and manage our technology. I'm possibly the most unhealthy vegetarian on earth.

Washington D.C.

Clay Patterson


I make sure things run smoothly. I also tend to think in spreadsheets.

Kansas City

Dylan Reile

Senior Software Engineer

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Vancouver, WA

Eric Jorgenson

Director of Marketplace

I help our small businesses stay awesome. I am also a cheeseburger connoisseur.

Kansas City

Josh Reinhardt

Product Engineer

I wash my apples with handsoap before I eat them. What's not normal about that?

Kansas City

Katelyn Dinkgrave

Product Engineer

I'm a sewist who doesn't understand the phrase "That's enough fabric."

South Bend, IN

Karen Weaver

Customer Success Lead

I don't just answer calls and respond to chats - I solve customers' problems. All day, every day.

New Balitmore, MI

Matt Donovan

Director of Product & Design

I run lead on our website and mobile apps. I am a designer and full-stack pancake eater.

Kansas City

Montse Díaz

Product Designer

I design cool things at Zaarly and like to collect pens. I’m also a gamer in training.

New York

Natala Constantine


I stay engaged with our customers over social media. Please reach out if you need anything!


Nicky Fay

Marketplace Manager

I make sure every job on Zaarly exceeds people's expectations. I’m pretty much awesome.

Kansas City

Rachel Hay

Local Partnership Manager

I recruit local small businesses to join Zaarly and I’m really picky. Like, borderline unfair.

Kansas City

Zach Buescher

Customer Success Agent

I work behind the scenes, ensuring an exceptional experience on Zaarly for every customer every time.

Kansas City