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San Francisco, CA

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My Story…

I am absolutely fascinated by everything that has to do with coffee. My interest in coffee started when I tasted some from a friend's family farm in Panama. Realizing that there was so much that went into my morning cup of joe really moved me to find out as much as I could about the beverage.

I spent that summer in my parent's kitchen tinkering with brewing methods, water temperatures and grind settings. Since then, I have learned a lot about coffee through my work in the industry as well as endless reading and tinkering on my own. Understanding more about coffee propagation, processing and roasting.

I have grown to appreciate this beverage on a totally different level than I thought possible.

While I'm a professional guy and know when it's time for business, I'm also accessible and entertaining. I love having fun. And in the world of specialty food, there needs to be a certain level of comfort in the room. Too often though, when it comes to coffee especially, people try to guard the gate of knowledge. I want to open the gate and usher people in.

My passion started in my kitchen and I hope I can bring some into yours.