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Born a perpetual learner with a big imagination, I was drawing stories before I could write. I began studying a variety of dance forms at an early age, later taking up the piano and theatre arts. Giving people a glimpse into the human experience resonates deeply for me and I am grateful to be facilitating this process for others through the yoga practice. I began a personal yoga practice while searching for a form of exercise that was enjoyable and would keep me inspired. It soon became much more.

The mind-body connection I discovered through the asana practice simultaneously empowered, grounded, and connected me to the people around me. I am proud to have graduated from both Yoga Vida's teacher training program and mentorship program under the guidance of her teacher, Zoe Silverman. As a teacher and student, I rejoice in the power of yoga to provide experiences for your body that bring you closer to your highest potential and connects you with the collective consciousness that continues to flower around us. Through a continued desire to deepen and expand the physical practice, one works to liberate the mind and soul. We were born happy, we were born free, and now, we work to fully remember this truth. Life is a balance between motion and stillness--let's find this together in the practice.

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Jena Maenius on Zaarly
Review of Ken Kamada March 06, 2013

Ken is a great client. He showed up on time and was invested in learning as much as possible from our session. Such a pleasure to have him in class!