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San Francisco, CA

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My Story…

I grew up in the nice and warm city of Barcelona, where I spent most of my life and youth. After finishing high school, I started my degree in Physics. While I was there, I constantly felt like my soul needed to see the world. So I bought a commercial VW van, turned it into a living space and moved to Berlin, where I finished my Physics degree and started to study Philosophy.

Once in Berlin, I ended up living in a cool room that had a really nice loft. After enjoying what I thought was the coolest room ever, we had to move to a completely new and empty apartment. I felt the deep need for my home to be a nice and comfy place. Then, one of the characteristics of my personality surfaced: "I'm sure it's not that difficult to make a..." and without too much previous experience, I started to build lofts in the room, install nice lights all around the apartment, set up a stereo system for the house, and eventually discover my hidden skills as a handyman, carpenter and interior designer.

It came so naturally that I started to get demands from my friends to repair and build all kinds of stuff. That's how I started to earn good money in Germany! After that, I decided to move to San Francisco. I flew to New York, bought a commercial box truck, turned it into an awesome RV, and started to travel through the U.S. toward the bay. When I arrived, I stayed at a friend's house for a couple of months, where I ended up building two more lofts. Thanks to my friends, I've been promoted as a handyman and still get jobs having fun and building things. I don't know what laziness is. When I start working on something I like to finish as soon as possible and I enjoy seeing my projects complete.