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We're three best friends with a creative drive to build cool projects. Our business started at the end of summer when we built a Rubens' tube to impress a girl (It's a sound reactive flame tube. Go YouTube it!). We needed to figure out a way for the Rubens' tube to both play music for parties as well as provide sound for the flames in the flame tube to dance. Using parts found at our local PC recycling store and Goodwill outlet, we fashioned our own custom laser-cut speaker system to fit our needs.

At the unveiling of our speaker and Rubens' tube at a backyard barbeque, we realized people loved the idea of owning personalized and individually tailored speakers. No one else that we knew of made speakers like we did, so we decided to take a leap and start a business.

While we're still busy high school students, we have a passion for making customized speakers. Our speakers are designed and assembled meticulously by hand with all the love and care we can give. We take pride in producing unique speakers for every order-- whether it is through custom letterings or images or even hand-drawn graffiti.

And that was the beginning of Reis Audio. At Reis (pronounced "rise"), we build custom speakers to order. You can choose what type of designs or words you want to laser engrave for that personal touch.

Hand-crafted in Seattle.

Reviews written by Reis Audio

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Bessy Lin August 25, 2013

Fantastic to work with.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Tim Johnson July 23, 2013

Fantastic customer.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Bo Fishback June 12, 2013

Bo provides clear instructions and it was a pleasure working with the man himself.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Ken Kamada February 04, 2013

Best CFO ever. Always quick to respond to messages.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Chris Hoogewerff January 17, 2013

Chris had a fantastic attitude and was fantastic to work with. Hope you like your Street Performer!

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Matt Razore January 17, 2013

Matt was fantastic to work with. He came by to our work space to personally take delivery and was extremely supportive of what we are doing and our business. He even ordered another speaker when he was there. Thanks for orders Matt!

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Ryan Anderson January 08, 2013

Ryan shipped my wallet soon after he confirmed my order. His wallets are beautifully put together. They are tear-proof, water-proof and fantastic value. Definitely recommended.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Karen Anderson December 16, 2012

Karen was quick to reply and was very specific with her order. We definitely had fun working with her.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Cliff Woodsin Haack December 16, 2012

Cliff is a great personal friend and has helped Reis a lot in building our business. He is super friendly to work with and we can't wait to ship his Reis Audio system to him.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of Ken Kamada December 16, 2012

Ken is a great guy to work with! He was clear with what he wanted with his order and has a strong desire to help support us young entrepreneurs. He didn't waste any of our time and was a pleasure to work with.

Reis Audio on Zaarly
Review of David Cantu December 08, 2012

David was a great customer to work with. He responded to our messages promptly and helped us out by now only purchasing our product but also leaving a honest and positive review to give other buyers more confidence when ordering from us. Thanks for the support David!