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My Story…

I grew up in a hands on DIY home, one of creativity and curiosity. From a very young age I was interested in making, fixing and creating.

After college, I moved to a small town in southern Japan. While in the rural town of Kumamoto I started to refine my taste and appreciation for classic Americana style as well as the passion and dedication of Japanese craftsmanship.

After living and working in Japan for many years, the pride of workmanship paired with the simple and elegant Japanese design aesthetic had a major influence on the direction and pace of what I would be doing in the not so distant future.

Another profound experience offered up by life in Japan was getting to meet my partner Yuko. She was born and raised in Kumamoto, in a home not so different from my own. Her mother taught her the value and benefit of using her hands and creating what she could. Yuko studied design and sewing techniques in high school and is now a fashion design major in San Francisco.

Today the two of us design, sew, package and sell made-to-order bow ties around the world, from French photographers to Swedish baristas. We are continually rotating through new and interesting fabrics. We also do fully custom orders for weddings and other special occasions.

If you can think of a reason to wear a bow tie, we can help create it!

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Ian + Yuko on Zaarly
Review of Roman Ruby Botanicals April 28, 2013

Really excited about the candle!

Ian + Yuko on Zaarly
Review of Myriah January 21, 2013

We absolutely loved the caramels Myriah made for us!

We got them the week before Xmas and took them home to share with our family. It was wonderful to bring such delicious little treats home for the holidays.

Cant wait for our next order with Myriah!

Ian + Yuko on Zaarly
Review of Ford January 21, 2013

What a great experience!

Ford dropped by our house and spend nearly 2 hours sharpening our fabric shears and our prized handmade kitchen knife.

I dont expect either our shears or knife to need his services anytime soon, but when they do, he will be hired again!

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