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TinySuperheroes is a small organization that seeks to empower our little ones - one cape at a time. Proceeds from cape sales enable us to spread the love! We donate TinySuperhero capes to extraordinary TinySuperheroes that exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity. When you empower your TinySuperhero, you help empower others, too!

TinySuperheroes started when I made a cape for one special TinySuperhero - Super Brenna, who has a severe and rare skin disease. Then I met her friends, and their friends...and that was when I realized that there are hundreds of thousands of TinySuperheroes who face battles and fight diseases that many of us will never even hear of! I knew then that all of these TinySuperheroes needed to be empowered - and we could make it happen!

Check out our blog at www.tinysuperheroes.com. There, you'll meet some of these extraordinary TinySuperheroes: Super Brenna, Super Isaac, Super Wyatt...the list goes on and on! Then, consider empowering a TinySuperhero in your life, and we'll keep donating capes to these inspiring kids!

Our mission is three fold. First, we want to empower these kids and make them feel as super as we think they are. Then, we want the parents to know that they, too, are exceptional. Finally, we want to help them spread the word! These parents spend every day fighting for more research to find better treatments and cures for their TinySuperheroes - this is how we can help.

So, by choosing to empower your little one/s with a TinySuperhero cape, you enable us to empower these extraordinary TinySuperheroes!

Reviews written by TinySuperheroes

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Matt + Macky April 21, 2013

If you haven't met these guys in person, you need to. I don't even drink coffee and I love them. So I buy mugs. :)

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Doug Haack February 25, 2013

Doug is so awesome and such a blessing to TinySuperheroes. He is so generous and kind - we are very grateful to have met him.

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Cliff Woodsin Haack February 18, 2013

Cliff is awesome...it's really that simple.

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Ken Kamada February 15, 2013

We were so excited to empower Super Ken with his very own TinySuperhero cape. He was delightful to work with!

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Bo Fishback February 05, 2013

You know you're working with an exceptional company when the CEO shows direct support for his users. We really appreciate it and feel greatly cared for. Thank you.

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Jeff Morris Jr. February 05, 2013

Jeff is awesome. It was an honor having him as a customer!

TinySuperheroes on Zaarly
Review of Adina Segal January 28, 2013

Adina is such a sweet soul, and her cards are beautiful. They are so professional that it's hard to imagine she made each one individually! I can't wait to send my cards out!