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New York, NY

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My Story…

When I was just four years old, I took my mom's knitting needles and insisted on being instructed in their use. At ten, I designed and made my first shirt, and at 14, taking inspiration from magazines and fashion journals, I started creating my own clothing line. A "couple of years" later, after finishing design schools in Berlin and NYC, I became interested in men's tailoring. Inspired by a friend who was unable to find a well fitted suit because of his small size, I took up that most difficult and elite of all fashion pursuits, bespoke suit-making.

My desire was to create the perfectly fitting suit. After outfitting my friend (and several others), I started my own business. I am a traveling tailor in NYC who comes to you. I make home, office and shop calls at your convenience. I offer all alteration services along with custom designed suits, shirts, dresses and more.

Here is a bit of detail about my suits: I create the highest quality suits. I will only use natural materials like wool, mohair, cashmere, worsted and wool-based canvas. My suits are made to fit your body and your own personal needs - even the size and strength of the pockets, the collar, and the button twist will be individually chosen and made for you. No suit will ever be the same. Everything is measured with a ruler to the greatest degree of precision, in an almost scientific process. My suits consist of three to four layers of body canvasses. Each layer is sewn together, not glued. Bespoke suits are made to last. Every suit is made on the premises in New York City. This means constant and total quality control. Everything is handmade. Why? It simply looks and feels better. With a hand canvas there is synergy between the fabric and the canvas, which makes the suit fit your body more naturally, in a more elegant and relaxed style.