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Pro window cleaners use cleaning solutions and water to get windows clean. They will often use a scrubber to loosen dirt and debris that is on your windows. Clean windows mean less energy usage and longer-lasting windows.

The average cost per windowpane for professional window cleaning is $600 per pane. The average cost for a 3000 square foot home ranges from $200 - $500 depending on the number of panes, access, and how many stories your home is.

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Metro Wide Cleaning

20 years in business | 64 reviews
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"Reid's crew was great! I couldn't be more pleased or recommend them highly enough! Communication and quality of work were excellent! Great value too!"

A-Team Window Cleaning

10 years in business | 46 reviews
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  • Friendly customer service
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"very pleasant will have them come in spring to do the inside and out. Thank you"

Care for your home

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Making the right window treatment choice

But, where to start? We’ve got five tips on picking the right window treatments for your home.

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